Meditation is Soul Medicine 

As a meditation teacher, I hear people say that they don't have the time to meditate, they can't quiet their minds, they can't focus. These are all important obstacles to overcome, but they are only obstacles. You can give yourself over to them or you can work through them. I used to say the same thing, I wondered if my mind would ever become quiet or if I would ever be as peaceful as I perceived the person sitting next to me to be. I kept going, then step by step my mind began to calm down, the silence began to grow. I remember the first time I had a spontaneous trance experience, I went into a depth of consciousness that was neither within me or outside of me. It was like sitting in the field of God's breath, a state of oneness. Time dissolved, the world around became transparent, the only feeling, love. It is an indescribable state of being.

The key is to trust the process. Keep trying and trusting. Be patient, you can receive amazing grace through patience and practice.

In our world today, we are overrun with stimulation that pulls us into fear, anxiety, and upset. We are all connected with the collective consciousness. Whether we are aware of this or not, it is affecting us. The remedy is tuning inward. Going deep within, beyond the place of thoughts deep into your cosmic consciousness. When your mind can not calm down, sit peacefully and look into a candle flame. Notice how the fire brings calm to your mind. Here at The Parashakti Way, we offer Sacred Fire Ceremony to help bring peace to ourselves, our communities and the globe. 

When we meditate in a group around a Sacred Fire, the peace and calm are amplified through the group energy and the healing light of the fire. It is an energy you must experience for yourself. 

Sacred Fire is a doorway into the cosmic power of divine grace.