A Dhuni Comes into Being

The new dhuni is already showing it's inherent properties of transmission. In the planning and visioning we were primarily thinking about the physical nature of bricks and mortar and placement. About an hour into building it became clear that the dhuni creating process is so much more then putting together a material structure. It is also about creating the energy within the act of manifesting a formless vision into a sacred form. From the visioning of the dhuni to becoming the dhuni, out of consciousness into being. This is the nature of a spiritual process.

We began to chant while we worked, Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya. It was beautiful and so very peaceful. The nature was cold with snow all around, the air felt crisp and grounded. We were deep in the earth element at the same time that the air held us gently. When night began to fall, the fire called to us, so we built one in the first dhuni we ever used, a small fire bowl that was donated by a good friend which we used for ritual fires for over 2 years.  The fire had come full circle and here we were side by side with where we were and where we are. The best place to set the fire bowl was on top of the old dhuni we have been using for the last couple of years, the intermediary dhuni. There were a few black and cracked bricks still left on the ground. The fire bowl sat about 1-2 inches from the cement upon which lay the remnants of the last fire that was burned there on a December full moon. As the tent in which we were working started to warm with heat and smoke the rice, coals and ghee that lay underneath the fire bowl ignited and burned a deep crimson. It was a special closure to have the 3 dhuni’s serving one and other. It felt like miracle energy.

During the 11 hours of our process that day, we used all 5 elements both physically and energetically. It was a day where my heart and soul told me where to be and what to do. We even had a couple of small maha maya hit and it moved the energy which then had to be reacquainted to itself, it did not falter and in fact we became stronger for it. At one point during the day we had our 4 kids moving bricks. Everyone who wanted to had an opportunity to mortar some of the bricks and help to sculpt the sacred geometry of the pyramid shape which is the signature of a sacred dhuni.

We also held an arathi and abisheik and washed Baba with milk and set our sankalpam to receive the highest healing from this new dhuni. We then blessed the dhuni with the abisheik rose water using a cedar branch. It was a sweet and powerful day. We all noticed as we moved through the process that the day and duty was clearly divinely blessed. The completed dhuni is so regal. We will put a finishing coat on it and it will be ready to use for the New Years Eve Puja for Peace event. Jai Guru! Jai Ma!

Fire is a commander. It can rule you from within and take you down to ash. It can also listen and transmit. Sri Kaleshwar said fire is like a telephone to God. The world needs fire tenders and keepers of the sacred in a pure way. Souls of integrity and character, humans who know where they came from and why they are here. We can all wake up to that. We can all find a seed of the sacred alive in us when we look inward. It's not attached to religion at all. It's the universal life force, the Shakti energy. Whatever belief system you have can and should include the fire in a beautiful way.