Understanding Who You Are As A Spiritual Being

Cosmic energy is nothing but love. Cosmic energy is nothing but silence. That’s called the God energy.
— Sri Kaleshwar

You go to your yoga class and feel so peaceful and connected for about the first 5 minutes. Then you find yourself looking around and everyone looks so peaceful and centered, but you are wondering how they reach those seemingly deep states, you can't stop your mind from wandering off to your grocery list, your next appointment, picking up the kids etc. You're starting to doubt that it's even possible to be that centered. Your calm ends the minute you have to talk to anyone. Positive affirmations seem more like fake it till you make it. You feel unsatisfied with what's offered out there, but something in you wants to know more anyway.

Perhaps you were told meditation would help with the overwhelm of mothering in this chaotic and confusing world. Has pregnancy and birth brought up past traumas or feelings of disconnection? Is what you truly want, more then anything, to feel and more importantly be connected to the process you are in now?

Yoga, positive affirmations even meditation don't always fulfill the desire that keeps welling up within you. These things can be ineffective because there are often key elements missing from these practices. Most advice given does not take into account the spiritual laws under which we all reside. Like gravity these laws, also called mechanisms, are invisible to our eyes but affect us on a profound level.

4 pieces that are paramount to a successful personal spiritual practice

1) Effective techniques- Anyone can come up with an affirmation, and many practices work to a point. The techniques available here are backed by personal experience, not only my own and thousands of others, but by you. You will experience the energy and reality of these ancient formulas. They are so effective that they have been guarded by saints and spiritual leaders for many thousands of years. Sri Kaleshwar has brought this knowledge to us now, because he says, now is the time. We do not need students, we need masters. This earth is in desperate need of healing, the knowledge must come out, in a beautiful way. These are the same techniques that Jesus used, he learned from and was guided by his own mother. Mother Mary was a highly gifted saint who had a personal relationship with Mother Divine.

2) Purification- Our souls are carrying karmas from many lifetimes. Karmas are like an invisible story written within our souls. A story that we make manifest throughout our lifetimes without even knowing it. There is one place that holds this story, it's called the Womb Chakra. A soul chakra carried within our physical wombs. It is not the second chakra. It is the place in which all creative energy lives.

The real benefit coming is to grow the womb as a holy place. On the planet, the womb means the most beautiful temple, the most holy place in your body, the highest energy place in your body, the highest clarity place in your body.
— Sri Kaleshwar

3) Protection circles- Without knowing how to protect your energy and the energy that you are building through the ancient techniques you can not fully understand the soul mechanisms working in you. This energy can slip away, you are bringing a new energy to the planet by using these meditation and spiritual practices, it's highly positive. This means the negative is there too. Positive and negative balance each other. You've heard that darkness is merely the absence of light, this only partially true. The darkness helps us to see the light. It is through the suffering that we can find divine truth. But how much do we need to suffer? Where is the limit? At what point can you switch it, from being at the mercy of suffering to utilizing the pains of life for a deeper understanding? When you grow your soul vibrations to the positive and begin to purify the karmas, you need to protect that. It's simple. This is a fundamental part of working with this particular ancient knowledge.

There is a great master in you. You can pull that out. You can create your own protection circles. When you keep practicing with the different step-by-step processes, it will go. Until receiving that, it’s good to handle the energy in a proper way and receive the guidelines from the master.
— Sri Kaleshwar

4) Decharging- Day by day we pick up different energies, many of which insult our own unique vibration creating imbalance. Charging is good but decharging is everything. Decharging is so powerful a technique that people have actually cured themselves of illness and dysfunction by doing intensive decharging practices. Decharging is the practice of using the 5 elements in a particular way with a specific intention. We must care for our energy in this way in order to have the capacity to fully express our soul's true vibrations.

The woman can receive bigger energy than the man in a short period because there are some chakras in the woman’s body that are not in the man’s body.
— Sri Kaleshwar

As women we are just waking up to our true nature. Now is the time to harness the power that is our birthright. Now is the time to shine our light into the darkness, to use the creative power of the universe to transform our world, heal our children and families, and awaken to our own true nature. It is the women's time. Everything you need is already there in you, it is simply a matter of removing any blocks to our understanding. Through the ancient knowledge and practices we grow beyond the body, we can live from our souls true purpose, practice selfless service without compromising our own happiness and health.