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Sai Shakti Soul Energy Healing

Sai Shakti Healing is soul nourishment. An ancient science of the soul, it is deeply relaxing and healing. Through transmitting energy to the soul chakras of the body, energy plaque or blockages from heartbreaking or negative experiences can be released back to nature. When we gently return to the natural state of our being, healing takes place from the inside out. By channeling divine vibrations to your Sat-Chakras (soul chakras) we allow the vibration itself to do the work. 

When you open your heart to receive it allows what you need to come into your life. In the Shakti channels, the energy you receive will go where you need it most. 

Through deep listening we allow the subtleties of your soul energy to guide us, through which we create a personal healing program just for you. Give yourself the soul nourishment you need to heal, grow, create and master your life. 

The only urgency we should be feeling right now is the urgency to live as fully and completely as possible. To embrace every moment with reverence, gratitude and love.
If we do this and allow ourselves to embody the ebb and flow of life without hiding, without fear, fully embraced as a lover is embraced, we will create a contagion of vitality and life that will permeate every dark corner of this globe.
— Anasuya Devi

An Ancient Soul Science

Sai Shakti Healing is the name Sri Kaleshwar gave to 108 healing techniques and spiritual practices that he introduced to the world during his lifetime. These techniques were translated from a few select and powerful palm leaf manuscripts containing ancient knowledge for healing on the soul level, this ancient information is very much relevant today.

The Rishi's and holy peoples of ancient India received this information directly from the Divine Mother and Father and passed this knowledge on to a few select students, saint to saint. Today it has been passed on as never before, given by Sri Kaleshwar to thousands of students from across the world to bring much needed healing to the planet. This clear and authentic pathway builds your body mind and soul vibrations into a state of integrated union and self-actualization. Providing tools and support for implementation of healing energy in your life. Utilizing ancient practices and vibrational technology in the form of mantra and yantra you can release unwanted energies that keep you stuck and in unhealthy cycles and habits. Sai Shakti energy and practices assist and empower you to reach your soul's full potential in this lifetime. 

Soul healers transmit pure cosmic energy to a soul through the Five Elements energy channels. This process, called Shaktipat, revitalizes the soul’s ability to heal itself. It is giving doses of cosmic energy to the soul. When a person’s soul is energized in this way, their life force is strengthened which then positively affects every aspect of their life. It brings clarity and awakens vitality, self-love, willpower, determination and inspiration. It helps release the soul’s hidden abilities enabling the person to create healthy, happy, satisfying relationships and success in their endeavors.

The most radical thing a human can do is awaken to their true nature
— Ramana Maharishi

What to expect from a Sai Shakti Healing Session;

Receiving Sai Shakti Healing is like an elixir to the soul. Most find it very relaxing and rejuvenating. Sometimes emotions can surface or it can feel like a deep sleep, occasionally the client receives vision's, sometimes the practitioner receives information meant for the client. Any all or none of these symptoms can occur. Regardless a new pathway is set in motion which is unique to each person and to each session. Clients report that the depth of relaxation and peaceful sensation after a session can feel like you are floating off the floor, that the heart is light and feels open, that love is ever present. It is always advisable after a session to be very peaceful and gentle with yourself as your chakras are open and clear. It is important to maintain the fragrance of the energy received until it digests in you, the healer will guide you in this task. This digestion process can take hours, days or weeks. As the digestion process evolves so to do any insights and healing wisdom that surface and come forth through the energy transmission.

In person healing session.

We start the session by opening to Divine Guides and holding sacred space for you to express your story and the areas that you wish to heal and address. The healer then begins a series of energy clearing transmissions which facilitates your Satchakra's (soul chakras) to balance. Sometimes the healer will apply alchemically charged ointments to different areas on your body to support your chakra's ability to receive the energy. The healer acts as a link between earth and sky as she holds your body at specific chakra points channeling in a deep meditation as you lay peacefully on the therapeutic table. Sometimes the healer uses sound or tools of nature to assist in washing out stuck energy. Once the session is complete a closing prayer is recited which seal's and protect's you as you go back into your life. You may choose to receive a Mantra Meditation practice for continued support, protection and development of the process that began in the healing session. Upon completion of the healing session we will schedule a follow up call to check in and support the work.

Distance healing session.

Divine energy is everywhere at all times. We are made of the five elements, our souls are based in the five elements and cosmic consciousness or divine energy. Through the five elements we pull divine grace. The energy channeled in a Sai Shakti Healing travels any distance. The healer knows how to send it like an arrow to you. People have had amazing transformations occur from distance healing work.

In a distance healing we will start with a phone consultation. The healer is reading your energy from the first moments, listening and holding space for you to speak and share. Once a healing session is scheduled you will be sent an email that will prepare you for the session. It is important to follow all instructions in the email as each simple instruction is paramount to your receiving the depth of the healing. During the healing you will be in a peaceful state of rest and meditation. It is ok to fall asleep as this quiets the mind and allows the healer to work directly with your soul vibrations. The healer connects to you and to her guides and sends angels to assist in the energy transmission. Upon completion of the distance healing session we will schedule a follow up call to check in and support the work.

It’s a tradition of the five elements. True, true, true love. Doesn’t belong to any religion, any tradition. When your body is completely fulfilled with the vibrations of the five elements, then automatically your mind and your thoughts, your heart and your soul, start to open like a bud of a flower.
— Sri Kaleshwar

Divine Baby Blessing

Sri Kaleshwar has personally blessed Anasuya with the ability to heal women and children. She has the ability to empower a pregnant woman to generate the perfect vibrations to create a divine child. Her specialization is to help women create and guide these special children. She is a compassionate and wise teacher and mother.
— Monika of Penukonda
A special energy blessing you can receive during pregnancy for your child's soul.

Divine Baby Blessing

This blessing is given through a transmission of divine energy while a woman is pregnant. Receiving this blessing awakens a child's soul opening a clear channel to enlightenment in this lifetime. This investment of divine energy to the child’s soul can develop a conscious understanding of the bliss of life, as well as a loving nature and a strong clear character in the child.

Children who have received this blessing are naturally inclined to bonding and connection with parents and others. When a child’s soul is strong like that their capacity grows. Their vibrations become like a spiritual genius. They have such a loving character.

You attend to your child's highest potential intellectually, you want your kids to learn and grow and absorb as much knowledge as they can to become experts in their lives. You want your children to reach their highest physical potential. You wish for them to strive for excellence in sports and physical fitness. You want your children to be emotionally balanced in order to have successful relationships. All of these things are clear, yet how do you open the door to the soul's full potential? You don’t know the tree that is hidden in the seed of the soul. When we recognize this important aspect of who we are we shine a light into an integral part of the whole person including the souls true being. 

To compliment this blessing Conscious Parenting Meditation Practices are available to enhance and strengthen your spiritual practice and provide extended spiritual care to your special baby as well as your other children which also contributes to the continuation of the sacred parent child relationship and the growth and development of the enlightened family.

Here is a simple practice you can start right now to help your children:

The best time to heal anyone, especially kids, is when they’re deeply sleeping. The mother can massage their legs when she’s silently chanting the sound, HUM. Mother heals every day and she is guaranteed to be a good healer.  Her vibrations are the most peaceful. The mother has the most powerful vibrations, she has the highest healing vibrations with her child. The father can too, but first mother, then the master. It’s necessary in the west to heal kids. 

I was gifted with a baby blessing from Anasuya and when I showed up for it, I really didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a beautifully simple ritual that had a profound effect. Like many pregnant women, I was caught up in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for my baby and dealing with the intense change that his arrival was ushering into my life. I hadn’t taken much time to connect with the little spirit inside me. As I received the blessing from Anasuya and sat in silent meditation afterwards, I finally had a chance to connect with my little one. I saw the beautiful, sunny brightness of my baby’s spirit and felt renewed and so deeply blessed. It brought tears of happiness and healing to my eyes. Ever since the blessing it has been easier for me to feel connected to my baby and I have felt more serene and relaxed. I highly recommend a baby blessing with Anasuya, especially if you need help connecting with your baby. The blessing is a beautiful opportunity to honor your mothering journey.
— Nova Dawn Merrow, Creative Alchemist,

Spiritual Parenting Guidance

The parent-child relationship is the original relationship. Everything we know ourselves to be starts here, all of our future relationships will be informed by this original connection
— Anasuya Devi

Spiritual Guidance

Motherhood is an opportunity to learn about our inner truth. We are powerful beyond what we know or believe about ourselves. So many of us are deeply gifted, often in motherhood we are awakened to our own mystery through a churning and a yearning that is not always easy to understand.

Spiritual Guidance illuminates your hearts wisdom and provides you with inner resources to help you through difficult times. In recognizing that you and your children are whole and complete as you are, we see together that everything you need is already within you. With a clean mirror, you can see your own true and shining soul. Reclaim your connection to Self, illuminate divine source and bring clear and loving remedy to your relationships.

 All that has ever been and all that will ever be can be read in the energy and vibrations that surround us. We are like walking encyclopedias of our past and future. But what alludes us most is actually our present, to be able to see clearly and recognize where we are right now, that is the gold. I read your present, from there we can relate to what you want and how to get there.

Supportive meditation practices and guidance can be offered to help you continue to grow and develop the energy that we put into motion.

The Holy Womb Chakra, the source point of creation within each of us, women are blessed with the physical manifestation of this powerful chakra, a power spot in the body capable of creating life. What do we know about this amazing part of ourselves? Do we know that we can change the creation itself through developing and cultivating this sacred part of our being? Do we see that we are the manifestation of the Goddess herself?
— Anasuya Devi

In person & distance healing sessions available (via video conference)

Perhaps you are aware of the gifts that live within you, but feel the longing to understand them better and learn to take care of yourself effectively. Are you empathic? Psychic? Intuitive? Perhaps you have a notion about your gifts or understand them well, but you know there is more to understand, there are blind spots in your ability to see the wholeness of you and to navigate the new challenges of parenting at the same time.

Many of us want to understand the intricate play within our relationships and no relationship is more primed to bring up this urge in us than the original relationship between a parent and child.

Building a deep bond and connection with your children, during pregnancy and throughout the exploration of parenthood is paramount to creating lasting holistic health within the family. Mothers and fathers working together as conscious parents, creating holistic and harmonious family unity and real change for this world is a gift that lives on for generations. It allows us to heal family karma and create new traditions and spiritual success for everyone!

Through soul counseling, sacred ritual and specialized meditation practices you can channel healing energy to your children even as you heal yourself. Your children are your greatest teacher, the mirror they hold for you is pure and authentic, as you begin to recognize, without judgement, the reflection that they provide, both parent and child receive infinite benefit.

Spiritual Parenting is not a how to guide, it is not one size fits all. It is a way of being within yourself, a perspective and awakening that utilizes ancient spiritual tools that naturally transforms your understanding which opens the channel for you and your children to heal, create and thrive together.

Spiritual Parenting Meditation Practices give strong protection energy to the family, they help with sleep and other typical issues in infants. There are practices for all life stages to help and heal ourselves and our families. 

To be a mother is to love the deepest love, to feel with sometimes unbearable intensity, to give until you are empty yet to be refilled by a single gaze from your child.
— Anasuya Devi

Introducing: Divine Talk Radio, Conscious Parenting, Creating Exceptional People

A podcast on the profound effects of Mantra Meditation during pregnancy, a mothers natural ability to heal her children and how to be calm in the midst of chaos. How you can use this ancient technology to support your life and your children.

Click here for more episodes.

Episode One: An introductory talk on one woman's experience of the transformative effects of ancient meditation practices to open our intuition and cultivate our inner healer.  

The mother is the number one healer in the universe. A mother can heal instantly because she has same blood of her child. Whatever the mother prays on the child it heals that soul.
— Sri Kaleshwar

Infant Massage


Infant Massage

In the beginning there is only silence. Your skin is the first sense to awaken.

This fun 5-week series covers everything you need to know to harness the full potential of your loving touch, unlock your innate parenting skills and bring a myriad of benefits to you and your baby.

Mothers & Fathers welcome!  All Family Styles welcome!

Series covers baby’s whole body: legs and feet, stomach, chest, face, arms, hands and back, plus Gentle Movements Yoga Routine and Colic Relief Routine.

Enrollment in includes: 

  • 5 weeks of personal instruction and individualized attention
  • organic massage oil
  • relevant articles and references
  • massage stroke handouts
  • photos
  • certificate of completion

Infant Massage helps with many different parenting and newborn challenges

  • Helps regulate sleep, positive sleep routines

  • Colic relief, ease of digestion

  • The special needs of a premature baby
  • Balancing behavioral organization in baby
  • Positive bonding & attachment outcomes (which can be especially valuable for adoptive families)
  • Working parents find great benefit from the positive routine and focused time together.

Please contact me to book your series today! I recommend that your baby is between the age of 4 weeks and 6 months at the time of the series. For older children and special needs families the series is modified to fit your unique needs. As a bonus you can choose to receive a specialized sanskrit mantra that addresses your child's soul development.

Infant Massage is a positive parenting tradition that brings you into the present moment with your baby.

When you add this ancient art form to the care and well being of your family you open the door to a level of understanding, a sacred space shared between you and baby that is fertile ground for optimum well being.  There are many scientifically documented benefits, but most importantly mothers and fathers and their happy babies profoundly experience these benefits.

Dad's and Mom's alike find the intimacy and interaction with their baby to be deeper and more easily accessed when massage is a regular part of their routine.  When parents go back to work and life begins to get busy, taking the time for baby's massage brings everyone back to life's true center; your budding family.

Home as sacred

The energy of the spaces in which we live, work and worship are very important. Most of us don’t think about the energy of our space though we may feel resistance or an icky feeling in some places. If the energy is balanced it is the most supportive for anything we wish to accomplish.
— Anasuya Devi

Home Energy Clearing & Rejuvenation

Does the energy of your home support your life? Clearing your dwelling of stagnant and negative energy is paramount to supporting your life's full expression. 

Photo by  Timothy Buck  on  Unsplash

If you have just moved into a new house, the energy of the previous occupiers will be hanging around and can disrupt your energy and cause you to feel unbalanced. Clearing your house can make your transition into your new home smooth and peaceful.

If you are selling a house, it is advisable to receive an energy clearing for two reasons; 

  • Open the energy to buyers. People may not know what they are feeling, but they can feel "something" and having the energy be clear will help people to feel good about your property, supporting it's sale.

  • Your energy should stay with you. Why leave residual vibrations in a house you want to be free of? Lets cut your energetic attachments and free you so that you can move with ease into the next chapter of your life.

Any time you are doing a deep cleaning, physical or metaphysical it's important to rejuvenate the energy of your space so that it can support you in your relationships and your work in the world.

Some examples of life transitions that benefit from Home Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation are:

  • New roommate

  • New job

  • Recent relationship change: marriage, divorce, breakup, new love

  • Recent visitors or guests, coming and going

  • Buying or selling a home

  • General energy maintenance and mindfulness in life and business

  • Childbirth

  • A death in the family or in the home

  • Purchasing a new home

  • Remodeling a home

  • Life transition

  • Clutter clearing

  • You just know that your home is needing to be energy cleansed

Anasuya performed an energy clearing at our school. We have a pleasant space, where kids and adults feel comfortable and safe, yet there were rooms that felt harder to be in than others. Anasuya came and involved me (staff) and a young student in the process and it was magical! She puts so much love and care into everything she does and we definitely could feel the difference. When students returned to school the next day, many commented on how alive the space felt! One room, in particular, always felt pretty dead and now feels so much better. Anasuya is a gift to us.
— Kathy Crisp, Director, Village Free School

Sacred Fire Ceremony 

Music credit to Christine Mag Strasser for this soulful rendition of The Guru Mantra