Sankalpam Oils are created with a divine intention for personal growth and inner balance which supports a natural harmony with the 5 elements. All Sankalpam Oils products are blessed under the energy of the full moon during a Sacred Fire Ceremony.

The Deluxe Set has all 5 oils in 2ml bottles and a special gift of a Precious Object Bag (PO bag) with a blessed stone included to further enhance your personal protection power and the Sankalpam of each oil. The large 10ml bottle has a gem stone top to further energize you as you receive the vibrations of each essence.

The Sankalpam Oils Mood Spray uplifts the energy of your sacred spaces, for use in home or office.

Sankalpam Oils are gluten free essential oil blends in an Organic Sunflower Seed Oil base.

Do not use internally. Try a patch test on your skin.

Learn more about the power of Sankalpam Oils, Sacred Fire Ceremony and the nature of the 5 elements and how they relate to your soul’s journey.


vetiver, patchouli, clove

fertile ground, magnetism, generosity, Mother Nature, nurturing spirit
sense of smell

The Sankalpam for NA

Oh my dear Mother Earth open my heart to your love, take my pain and release me from scarcity.



frankincense, cinnamon, palo santo

transformative, sun’s energy, eye’s connect to heart, miracle energy
sense of sight

The Sankalpam for MA

Oh my dear Divine Shakti, I call you into my heart to bring your highest manifestation energy to me now.


rose, jasmine

infinite love, supreme silence, unbounded awareness, angels energy
sense of sound

The Sankalpam for SHI

Oh my dear Shiva of infinite love, open my heart to that which is your heavenly mystery.


cardamum, sage, sweet myrrh

life giving, cleansing for the spirit, movement and flow, purification, Decharging
sense of taste

The Sankalpam for VA

Oh my Dear Divine Mother my heart is open to you, please come and sit in my heart.


rosemary, spearmint, lavender

breath of life, thoughts and feelings, free spirit
sense of touch

The Sankalpam for YA

Oh my dear Divine angels, fill me with vitality and clarity, expand my consciousness to know truth.


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