Soul Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance

Sai Shakti Soul Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance: $90/60min, $130/90min

Sai Shakti Soul Energy Healing is a deeply relaxing and transformative healing modality. I channel divine vibrations to your Sat-Chakras (soul chakras) and you receive the energy where you need it most. Together we dive into the subtleties of your soul as we create a personal healing program just for you. Give yourself the soul nourishment you need to heal, grow, create and master your life.

In person and distance sessions available

Spiritual Parenting Guidance: $90/60min - Multi-session packages available

Spiritual Guidance illuminates your innate wisdom and provides you with inner resources to help you to get through difficult times. I help you to see your truth and find the resources you need to repair your connection and remedy your relationship with your children. You will receive practical tools and simple daily practice for healing yourself and your children.

In person and distance sessions available.

Massage & Cranio-Sacral Therapy:      $90/60min, $130/90min

Providing skilled relaxation, tension, and pain relief, bringing hands-on balance and energy flow for your unique needs. Sessions are personalized energy and chakra balancing focused as well as muscular and pain relief focused with attention on mind, body, spirit connection through your whole being. Pre-natal and postpartum, adults, infants, and children.

Meditation Instruction: $90/60min

From beginners to advanced meditators we will create a customized meditation program that will boost your practice while purifying and healing your soul. Utilizing the Shakti Channels as taught by Sri Kaleshwar to purify the 5 Elements, heal your Womb Chakra, create protection and healing for your children of any age and more. Self-healing for your soul.

Divine Baby Blessing: sliding scale $50-108

A unique and powerful blessing for pregnant women and families, nourishing mother's soul, bringing family into harmony, creating a protective bubble of energy for baby’s optimum soul growth and development. A blessing for all immediate family members included, i.e. partner, father, other children

In person and distance blessing available

Home Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation:                      $130hr- Contact Anasuya for an estimate

A unique process that clears unwanted, negative and stagnant energy from your spaces. Home should be a sanctuary, a place where your energy is the dominant energy free and clear from negativity. Make your home or work place fresh and supportive of the positive life you want to live.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anaïs Nin

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