What Clients Are Saying

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
— Melody Beattie

Thank you for allowing me to serve and contribute to you....Anasuya

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Thank you for helping me yesterday. I feel so much better and more in alignment on many levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). Quality therapy can work wonders! You are a truly compassionate, intuitive healer - seriously, I could feel the energy moving as you worked. Thanks for sharing your gift to help me feel more relaxed, inspired and hopeful.
— Katherine Murcott, Rock Star Goddess Momma
Thank you for the beautiful treatment today!! Feeling so much lighter and calm, so much more present with my children and myself! Making healthy choices too! You are a healing Goddess, my friend!
— Anna Leclerc, LMT
Anasuya is a magical healer. She has brought so much joy and relief to my life, through massage, holding space, hugging, and just being with me.
— KM Crisp, Director, Village Free School
You have such a beautiful gift to share in this world! I am always relieved to finally get on the table and be transported. Your vast experience and modalities make your bodywork absolutely exceptional! Highly recommend regardless of if you are needing some deep healing or just to relax!
— Jacquelynne Stratton., PanchaKarma Practitioner
Anasuya’s healing flows on so many levels at the same time. Her healing hands. Her spirit listening and connecting with spirit. Her skill at moving and clearing energy. I always leave renewed and more myself.
— Nancy Thurston, Author, Big Topics at Midnight: A Texas Girl Wakes Up to Race, Class, Gender and Herself
Where does a healer go for health and healing? I go to Anasuya whom I trust deeply and with my most tender human pains; physical and meta-physical. Anasuya’s medicine transcends all modalities known to me. It is medicine of experience and being experienced, known, seen, loved and accepted as I am. It is the medicine of being connected with something larger than all of us and our inherent pain as humans. Her rootedness, dedication, insight and wholeheartedness are gifts to our world and I am grateful!
— Elizabeth Price M.A., Narrative Counselor & Life Coach
You’re beautiful and calm presence during the Divine Baby Blessing was lovely. Our child is simply radiant.  Even in the first weeks of life, he is sweet, communicative, and open. He is alert and aware of the world around him. We feel very bonded to our child; we have found joy and strength in our journey together.
— Rachel King, Director - The Village Free School
I received the gift of a massage and blessing when I was pregnant with my daughter, Elsa who is now nearly 18 months old.  Elsa is undoubtedly a remarkable person.  She has an incredibly strong and positive presence in this world.  From the day she was born she has had an astute awareness of the world around her.  People are smitten with her.
Your powerful presence in our lives has certainly influenced myself and my child.  Observing your parenting, our conversations about life and children, your healing touch, and your magical blessings have all positively contributed to our lives.  I am so glad to know you and so grateful that you have shared your gifts with us.
— Melissa Schaefer., Owner - Runabouts Family Preschool
Best hands I’ve had on me in twenty years (at least). Very sensitive and intuitive. Listens to one’s words and one’s muscles. Really nice person too. Highly recommend.
— Joseph Eaton, Counselor
Full disclosure: Anasuya is my daughter. I started receiving massage following an injury that left me aching, in spasm & torqued out of alignment from head to toe. She has a large inventory of therapeutic actions that she draws on to individualize each massage according to my needs for that day. Anasuya’s calm & thorough approach encourages a deep relaxation that gives rise to a feeling of contentment that stays with me for days. Her massages actively support healing & aid my return to previous wellness and strength.
— Victoria Grace, End of Life Care Specialist & Anasuya's Mom
Heavenly bliss..
I have been receiving bodywork and energy healing regularly for over a decade. Being a healer myself I have become quite selective about whom I let work with my body. The first time I lay on Anasuya’s massage table I knew there was something different. I felt like I was completely safe, surrounded by a solid container of healing energy that I could completely relax into.
I came in for a massage for my aching joints and muscles that had been overworked by biking. Anasuya did a beautiful job soothing and stretching my muscles. She has a way of intuitively finding the tight spots and melting them in her hands. But then she just held my head and other parts quietly, tuning in to the pulses and rhythms in my body. I felt a great light and warmth pour into me from all sides. My mind went into a peaceful quiet and I felt a deep blissful relaxation which lasted all day.
— Catherine Klebl, Plant Medicine Healer
Extremely Powerful Healing Work!
As a very energetically charged being, I immediately felt safe and surrounded by divine love the moment I met Anasuya. The gift of healing she shares with the world is more powerful than any I have ever experienced. Her work has really helped me to realize my potential and responsibility in this world and to continue digging deep within my soul! My highest blessings Anasuya!
— Stephanie Bliss, Community Organizer, mother
Excellence and communication
Full disclosure: Anasuya is a friend. She is also an excellent LMT! Not only is she thorough and knowledgeable, she is also aware that it is important that the client knows what’s happening to his or her body. She solicits feed back. She explains what she’s working on and why and how it relates to other parts of the body. For me, communication with healthcare providers is vital to success.
— Thomas Smith, Retiree
Nourishing & nurturing massage
I enjoyed my massage with Anasuya very much. She is very easy to communicate with, professional and is a gifted massage therapist. Honestly I don’t remember much of the massage because I was in “lala land” for most of it, which for me a sign that it’s absolutely incredible. Two thumbs up & highly recommended, have already referred her to friends!
— Prashant Kakad, Founder & Creative Director at Bollywood Dreams Entertainment

Deepest Gratitude for Swami Kaleshwar
and the Guru Parampara