I am Born of You

There is nothing, yet everything is here

my breath is fluid

a steady warm wave surrounds me, it is constant strong 


sometimes fast sometimes slow sometimes infused with ecstasy 

there is a beat outside of me that matches the beat within me 

rhythms that are at once my own and not mine 


it will coax me into a deep sleep, it will make me feel uneasy

I am not in any kind of control

not of my body not of my surroundings 


I wait in profound silence for what I do not know

It is a silence I am familiar with, carried for lifetimes 

forgotten and remembered


your essence is my protection

your vibrations feed me life 

your love a soft lightning bolt through the center of my being


I only want to know you

I want what you want for me, I am peace 

I could live in this union forever


In a sudden jolt, the gentle waves of my world become sharp 

pulsing excruciating shocking

I am squeezed and forced to leave the only place I have ever known 


the only safety, the only warmth 

as the beautiful silence 

is interrupted again


I am born into bright lights as irritating fabrics chafe my delicate skin

I am pulled from you and feel an aloneness that overtakes me

I must find you, every cell in my being is directed to you


I am not in control and though I search for you in panic 

I can only hear you and smell you

I can not feel you or see you


It is the primordial being of me that knows, I will die without you

my lungs smart from the harsh air that fills them 

my mouth is dry, my skin burns with every movement 


I can not understand the cacophony of sensations

every impression is new, my senses are coming into life

For the first time, I hear my own voice, which drowns out the sound of you


I pause to listen for you as your voice comes closer

you are me and I am you and once united all pain is relieved

I smell that I am safe, we are one again


I open my eyes and your blurred face begins to come into focus

you look at me and I feel the soft lightning bolt of love come into my being

just as peace surrounds me, a new feeling fills me


it is a painful desire, a need I have never known

it comes from my very core and almost as it overtakes me 

I smell the sweetest smell of all, which brings a new urge and excitement


My mouth reaches for your flesh, the feeling of your skin is sensational 

It becomes the only feeling that has ever existed 

there are no thoughts but that of more


my mouth and your breast meet, you assist in feeding yourself to me

together we bond in ecstasy, the longing nourished 

I can feel the warm wave that I knew inside of you, comfort me


I can see you I can feel you with my hands and feet and cheeks 

there are no longer any desires 

I am birthed free, safe, loved