Sacred Fire & Intention Setting Home Practice

A simple exercise that you can do right now. Using the element of fire and the vibration of intention.

Sit in a comfortable place in silence for a moment, light a candle in front of you, have incense burning or any other peaceful vibration you like during this time. As your mind quiets down, ask yourself if there something you would like to change in your life? Is there a habit, a way of being, thought process, relationship, or lifestyle etc. that no longer serves you? When you can see what you want to change, capture it like a photograph in your minds eye, try to use the first thought that comes to mind and hold it there. Make sure it is simple, this practice is about experiencing the results, with practice we can work up to the more difficult stuff. If you say, for instance, I want a million dollars, while that may happen, it is unlikely to shift quickly. However, if you want to stop falling into anger so easily, that is something that you can control, even if it feels as though you can't. This exercise is about creating clarity and wind in your sails as you begin to understand and harness the amazing healing power of the 5 elements and your own clear intention. (earth fire sky water air)

Once you have an idea of what you want to change, hold it in your mind's eye and look at it, check it out, let it just sit with you for a minute. Now open your eyes and look into the candle flame, send it into the flame through your eyes with the intention for it’s hold on you to be released. Think strongly for a few minutes, until you feel a subtle shift. It may be a sigh or breath, a change in your vision, anything like that. 

From this moment onwards when you feel yourself acting in the old habit, you will think on the intention you set, a clear voice will remind you, "Hey, you are released." Over time you will find yourself going to that habit less and less, it will quickly disappear from your life. You can do this practice every day for all kinds of things, you can develop your focus and ability to be an empowered force in your own life. 

There is secret magic in the use of firelight in this process. The fire has the property of transformation. Fire can transform a forest, at first it destroys and then it regenerates and through that regeneration, it strengthens the plants and life there. We recognize this as a sacred force and thus we use it to transform our intentions from simple thoughts into "divine intention" or Sankalpam. The forces of Mother Earth, the 5 elements are seen here as inherently sacred. Through assigning nature this meaning we tap into it's hidden gifts at a greater depth and learn to implement a deep connection to the very force of life itself, the divine shakti of Mother nature.