The Sacred Nature of Mantra Meditation

Getting much knowledge is one type of happiness; however, raising up your energy is the real happiness. . . .There is only one technique . . . increasing your cosmic energy. . . practicing. . .
— Sri Kaleshwar

Fulfill your heart's desire through connecting with your Brahma Consciousness.

In your busy life it is important to take the time to nurture yourself with mindlessness. Mindlessness you ask? Shouldn't I be mind-ful? Of course you should. Aren't you mindful in your life all the time, as a woman and a mother aren't you always thinking on someone else? What part of your day is not spent looking for the answer, taking in the whole picture, preparing and training yourself to be conscientious? Even with all the time you spend figuring things out there may be a divide between what you do to take care of yourself and its ability to sustain you. Though you make it to a yoga class, to a massage or have a special diet, how often do you truly turn inward? Take the time to turn off the outer world and turn on your rich inner world. Ask yourself, what might I find in this inner world? 

I speak of the silence within, mindless, filled only with heart and vibration. This is the depth world of your soul’s light, the place beyond thoughts. You might say where intuition resides and even beyond that. You have experienced a glimpse of this powerful part of you. For instance a moment when you stopped and looked at the sky taking in all the wonder and glory or a moment of psychic awareness that cannot be explained. A moment of profound presence, birthing a child or a creative idea. The center of your being awakened. How do you keep that light on, even through the darkest night? It is possible through practicing the ancient techniques of mantra meditation.

When we close our two eyes our third eye can open.

When you turn off the mind you access the soul. From the silence you can know truth. Through the use of mantra meditation you open to the divine and a deep inner peace and calm that centers you in your power and allows the free flow of pure love into your life.

Why is it necessary to have pure love flowing in your life? Love is a curative, a medicine for the soul it opens your heart and brings peace and balance to your life. With pure love comes forgiveness, with forgiveness comes healing. These meditations and specific mantra's automatically awaken channels within you and begin a purification process in your soul through which you start to recognize the divine illusion that's at play. With practice you can begin to operate and understand the illusion's that are working in your life, giving you inherent power and confidence. This brings a lightening of the soul, a natural joy develops and emanates from you.